RCD360 App-Connect for Polo 6C (TSI)


OEM RCD360 with App-Connect (Apple Carplay, Mirrorlink) Bluetooth, USB, SD, FM with RDS

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Volkswagen – RCD360 6.5″ with App-Connect (Mirrorlink & Apple Carplay)
  • For POLO 6C (TSI)
  • Includes Trim
APP-Connect allows connections from the following phones:

– Mirrorlink enabled phone using the “Car Mode” app
– Apple iPhones using the carplay functionality

Connecting your phone to this RCD330 allows you access to apps on your phone and is particularly useful with Apple MAPs or Google MAPs …. giving you SatNav ability on your radio


-Support all volkswagen Polo 6C models (TSI)
-AM 530-1600;FM 87.5-108
-AM channels: 531, 540, 549 kHz…. in 9 kHz steps;FM channels: 87.5, 87.55, 87.6, 87.65MHz….   in 0.5MHz steps
-Don’t need unlocking code
-Support Bluetooth ,USB ,Sd Card, OPS, Camera(Only AV Camera).
-Radio integrated BLUETOOTH handsfee module + integrated microphone inside front  panel.
-Installing a camera needs Coding in VCDS – (Ask us to code it prior to shipping if you intend on connecting a rearview camera)

Support original steering wheel buttons

Radio Bluetooth Function Support :
1. Show Phone Book .
2. Call  Phone Number On the Radio
3.Add Favorite Phone Number
4.Show recent contacts
5.Play Bluetooth music -A2DP


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