Dual Channel 1080p HD Motorcycle DashCam – B1M


B1M Motor Cycle DashCam DVR Dual Channel HD with WiFi Access

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Manufacturer: BlueSkySea

Model: B1M

Product Features:

1. The B1M motorcycle drive recorder has dual 1080P cameras on the front and rear and can record high-quality HD video. The frame rate is 30fps, corresponding to LED traffic lights nationwide, and the data rate is 12 Mbps.

2. The Sony IMX 323 sensor is mounted on two 135 degree wide-angle lenses, providing high-quality recording quality even at night.

3. The camera is IP67 waterproof, so it can be used safely even on rainy days. For safe driving, the B1M video recorder has no screen, so it is recommended to mount the main unit on the bike storage bag (under the seat).

4. This product has a dedicated app, you can play videos and set up the configuration in the app. Easy to operate.

5. The B1M motorcycle dashcam has an engine-linked function and starts recording automatically when the engine is turned on; the last video footage is automatically saved well when the engine is turned off. There is no complicated operation and it is easy to use.



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